Create an impact, leave a legacy, start a private practice.

So many clients are going without services and are stuck on waitlists. Demand for speech and occupational therapy is at an all time high. NOW is the time to start your private practice.

The Path to Private Practice will help you understand the steps to get started and major mistakes to avoid along the way.



In The Path to Private Practice, you will learn the ins and outs and major mistakes to avoid including:

How to start a speech or occupational therapy private practice without quitting your job or letting go of your benefits

How you can start a private practice at any point in your career

How to find amazing private clients in your community

How private practice can help you increase your salary and your financial well-being

How to create a schedule that you love to have more balance in your life

How following The Private Practice Success Path will help you love your career again

How to join thousands of SLPs and OTs who are part of the Private Practice Movement


About Jena

Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP specializes in helping speech and occupational therapists build successful private practices so they can have more freedom, flexibility and financial independence.

When Jena started her private practice in 2008, there was minimal information. So she started her practice, learned the ropes and vowed to help others. Her online education company, The Independent Clinician was founded in 2008 to help SLPs and OTs at all levels of the private practice journey.